Outer Banks Lights is a vision from the past, where local Outer Banks artisans molded 12-16 inch model lighthouses out of wood and metal, topped off with a candelabra night light.  Now with the advent of 3D software and advanced additive manufacturing capabilities, these models can be reproduced with perfect proportionality and in stunning detail.  Paying homage to the craftsman of yore and sharing this vision to the consuming public is the ultimate goal of this site.  We at Outer Banks Lights hope you find as much joy in receiving these lights as we do in delivering them to your door.

The lighting fixtures of Outer Banks Lights utilize specialized candelabra LED lights to prevent excess heat and warping of the fixtures.  LED bulbs are rated for up to 20,000 hours of continuous use.  This translates into 119 weeks of use should the bulb be illuminated 24/7/365.  Should you need a replacement bulb, pick from the selection of bulbs located at the Super Bright LEDs website.  The website’s links are below:

Outer Banks Lights is always searching for unique and fashionable ways to deliver innovation to the consumer. New manufacturing capabilities to include the utilization of metal composite filaments and improved finishing techniques will become visible in upcoming product solutions. Be prepared to be amazed!